About Us

RealAgentz.com is a Real Estate Tech startup that will revolutionize the interaction between Consumers and Brokers. This is an independent listing portal, that is dedicated in providing all The Past, Present and Future listings in New York City. Consumers register for free, create a full profile, and submit their purchase or sale requirements. Consumers can search for properties or contact listing agents directly to inquire for all their Coming Soon listings. RealAgentz members have Real Knowledge, Real Experience, Real Data and Real Listings.


Our inventory consists of Present Sales & Rentals listings, Future Sales and Rental listings, Past Sales Listings and properties that are not listed anywhere. You will find that by contacting the agent members working in the neighborhood or agents that have similar listings. They always know someone that knows someone that’s selling.

Past Listings are all Off-market properties. Present Listings are currently listed for sale as Active Sales. Future Listings are considered Coming Soon, Whisper Listings and Pocket Listings. These are properties that is officially not on the market but is expected to be listed for sale soon. Properties that home owners have considered selling in the near future, may also be called “ Whisper Listings ” or “Pocket Listings” in the brokerage community.

This is not a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) website. If interested in selling your property. Please contact our RealAgentz members or contact us at info@realagentz.com for further inquiries.


RealAgentz members are agents that have Real Knowledge, Real Experience, Real Data and Real listings. Our members are the most experienced agents in New York City working in one of the most prestigious companies which provide the best training and the latest technology for their agents to service their clients.

RealAgentz members have access to the most unlisted apartments in the city. Working with our members will not only help you find your Dream Home, but they will help you save time and money. Get started today!

Our Vision

To be the most trusted Real Estate website in the Nation.

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This is a platform built by Agents for Agents. We are determined to help agents grow their business by servicing all consumers with their Real Estate needs and beyond. At RealAgentz we rely on our members to service all consumer that sign up to find their Dream Home by navigating the Coming Soon and all Off-market properties that no consumers have access to.

How does this work for Agents? It’s simple! Create a FREE agent profile, list your Coming Soon or any Off-market inventory for Consumers. If their profile matches your listings, price range or neighborhood you specialize in, you will be notified right away. List – Sell – Repeat
For more information for member benefits and incentives, email us at info@realagentz.com for details.