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Why everyone must use RealAgentz! #RealInsightz 2

Last week was the intro.  We won’t call this the remix to ignition, although technically… but at very least I can say it will sound a little different and won’t be quite as long.  Getting straight to the point.  Why RealAgentz?   

If you are a buyer, you are looking for something you have never seen at a price that is magically untouched by inflationary pricing as a result of market demand.  While “Coming Soon” or “Off-Market” properties do not exist in a perception proof bubble, competition is limited to those eyes who subscribe to this website.  Worth a gander, especially as the number of listed properties balloons, which we will be sure to inform you of, when it does. 
Hopefully you didn’t buy at the height of the market.  You timed the acquisition 
right and are now afraid to list because all the red arrow price reductions are just hurting your pocket’s feelings.   
What if there was a way to advertise your property to a select group of professional brokers with buyers who wouldn’t incessantly pitch you on signing an exclusive.  What if there was no ticking of the days-on-market clock taunting you like that finger pointing monkey from Family Guy.   RealAgentz is not a FSBO site, but free exposure is free exposure.  A real buyer and professional management of the sales process is all you really want right?   
Ok, let’s say you are not a marketing professional with a client list of suitable buyers, a rectilinear correcting HD camera and an impeccably furnished but wholly impersonal apartment going it on your own to save 3-6%.  Let’s say you already have a broker you trust, wouldn’t you want your representative to expose your property to the largest amount of people in as many ways as possible, especially if it didn’t affect buyer perception of the listing’s freshness?  Doesn’t “What If” quickly morph into “Why Not?”  Don’t it make my brown eyes Blue?


Or, ahem, allow me to address you properly.  Real
Agentz.  This market is not yet comical, but it is a bit nonsensical.  You can’t keep chopping the price, hosting exotic open houses, and translating your listing copy into different languages hoping for magical buyers from foreign lands.  You tried offering closing credits, increased buyer broker commissions, anything to re-calibrate the price without tipping the scale, but your real enemy isn’t price, it’s price as a function of time.  Whoa.
Coming Soon:
So you got a listing.  Congratz.  You should know by now that it is a buyer’s market and if you promised your seller record breaking profit based on past performance, you are either committing yourself to 3 months of lost Sundays or a cancelled exclusive to-be.  But. Time.  Price is a function of demand and perceived value.  If your property is “worth” $1M, but sits on the market for over 4 months it will be near impossible to get full asking price without constantly “blowing the dust off” with insanely creative targeted marketing efforts that may ultimately fail, and cost you money. 
RealAgentz, the site, and ostensibly the brokers who use the site, understand that once you remove time from the equation, the price of your listing is more likely to be decided by the content of its walls, location, school district and relative value to an individual buyer, as opposed to the collective projected and fear based id of those interested in purchasing in the next 3-36 months.  Hey, in my book, buyers and shoppers are not the same thing.
So yeah, if you have a listing, post it on the site with your placeholder image, some neighborhood photos, and some advertising copy, and see if you get any bites before the clock starts ticking.  You can pre-market your listing before the young and restless sand starts to spill, while you set up your staging, social media, circle call, flyer drop, etc.  Heck, you could even make it a part of your listing pitch.  Why?  Because you’re special, and not everybody will use this site, so why not advertise your resourcefulness as part of your brand? 

Look, as I overheard a gem vendor discussing with a jewelry seller today, we are all in the matrix.  All a matrix is, is a coordinate bound field determined by mutually agreed upon laws and boundaries.  Simply put, just because you choose the correct pill, doesn’t mean the universe will bend to your newly liberated perception of price and time.  Neo.  Matrix.  Honestly, your property could simply be at a difficult price point in a neighborhood that now has to compete with similar product in a different location.  There are additional 
levels to the Time Price Continuum that include new concepts of Space, but that’s for another article.  

If you have done the hard work, landed a listing, pre-marketed, marketed traditionally, digitally, internationally, multi-lingually, accepted bitcoin, reduced price, offered commission bonuses, and or closing credits– and your exclusive ran out.  Guess what, it’s not your fault.  Shift the listing from Live to Off-Market, and give yourself another shot.  Your seller knows you tried your best, bring them a buyer while they figure out what next to do, ignore the shot clock and try again.  

So basically, whether you are a buyer, seller, listing agent, or frustrated agent with a listing about to expire due to market volatility and the proliferation of newly discovered alternate universes available to your buyers in other boroughs and neighborhoods, RealAgentz is here to help you defeat time and create additional value in the dimension of your own choosing.

Written by-
Peter-Charles Bright
Native New Yorker and a Proud Father

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